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PowerQuest WorldWide is a charitable 501(c)3 non-profit that serves mission hospital doctors, nurses, and technicians in the developing world with engineering solutions that provide consistent energy/power/light and medical devices to save lives in a needy world.



  • Kompiam Hospital, Enga Province, PNG

    Kompiam Hospital, Enga Province, PNG

    Kompiam Hospital had been running on 20 KW of solar power with 1600 AHr of batteries for a number of years. The batteries were getting “TIRED” and the hospital had expanded by two buildings – Maternity and Critical Care. PowerQuest WorldWide, installed an additional 80 KW of solar capacity and tripled the Battery inverter power and quadrupled the battery capacity. The system were split between the residences and the hospital. The hospital now has 24 hour power and uses only 25% of the battery capacity. The residences have power from 7 AM to 10 PM each day. Hopefully everybody is sleeping the other hours. The Governor of the providence and delegates from the Australian High Commission came to dedicate the system along with the Critical Care building. They were extremely impressed.


We do work worldwide and have completed projects in many countries such as: Togo, Niger, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Chad, and Cameroon.



Skilled volunteers are welcome and essential to the success of the installation phase of projects at mission hospitals.