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Hospital of Hope - Togo

Hospital of Hope

The pictures below are the existing Automatic Transfer switch installed at the hospital about two years ago. The motorized mechanism has failed several times and the entire switch needs to be replaced. We will also be installing two more battery banks for the battery inverters to supply power during power outages which are becoming more frequent.

Partners in Hope Hospital - Malawi

Partners in Hope Hospital

Partners in Hope Hospital is one of the largest facilities in Malawi working with HIV/AIDS patients providing laboratory, x-ray and medicine therapy. The sensitive medical devices at the hospital requires continuous power which the national utility cannot provide at this time. We are in the process of supplying solar and battery backup equipment for the facility.

Radio Hope - Togo

Radio Hope

Radio Hope is an FM radio station serving the surrounding areas of Mango Togo. It is located near the Hospital of Hope facility. We will be installing 30 KW of solar and battery backup equipment to assure the radio station can broadcast around the clock.

Hospital de Guinea Bor II - Chad

Hospital Guine Bor II

In January 2011, Cutting Edge Foundation opened a small hospital on the outskirts of N’djamena, Chad. I visited the site in 2016 to assess the power quality powers they were experiencing. We will be installing five small solar arrays on several of the buildings to bring needed electrical power for medical equipment and patient care areas.

Galmi Hospital - Niger

Galmi Hospital – Niger

Galmi is a healthcare facility in a remote section of Niger. O2 is needed of the surgical and critical care patient treatment areas. Since the hospital is located in a remote section of Niger, transporting O2 in H Cylinders is a costly and dangerous adventure. We will be installing an O2 concentrator system which will provide much needed O2 to the patient care areas and filling H cylinders for backup and transporting patients.

El Sembrador - Honduras

El Sembrador – WGM

El Sembrador (the sower) is a larger farm serving the indigenous children of eastern Honduras. It started as vocational school and still has courses in those fields of study but is primarily a primary and secondary school preparing children and young adults for advanced schooling and academics. Years ago, I helped install a hydroelectric plant on site. Water is precious commodity in Honduras to save water for irrigation of farm areas which subsidizes the school expenses, we will be installing 60 KW of Grid Tied Solar Equipment.

Tenwek Hospital Bomet Clinic - Kenya

Tenwek Hospital – Bomet Clinic Radiology

Tenwek Hospital is a large hospital of greater than 300 beds and 7 surgical suites. It is situated about 8 KM from the city of Bomet. Many of the outpatients must take public transport to the hospital to be seen by healthcare professionals. The hospital has purchased and is opening a clinic in the town limits of Bomet to be more convenient for patients. We will be installing a state of the art Digital radiology suite in the clinic which will interface with the main Tenwek Hospital radiology department.

Zimba Hospital - Zambia

Zimba Hospital

Zimba Hospital is a small but very busy rural hospital along the main highway running through the center of Zambia. The electrical power delivered by the national utility is sporadic and the cost of diesel fuel is expensive and at times difficult to purchase and have delivered. We are installing 24 KW of battery backup and 40 KW of solar arrays to power the hospital.



Skilled volunteers are welcome and essential to the success of the installation phase of projects at mission hospitals.